The bad phase of the Netflix streaming platform is not over yet, and it continues to have consequences behind the scenes. This time, the company went through a new round of layoffs. 150 employees is dismissed.

according to website deadlineMost of the employees affected by the measure worked in the United States, which is confirmed by the brand itself. They would be distributed across the creative industries, but there are also executives in higher positions, including those responsible for original content.

Rumors pointed out that the division that distributes independent films could also be affected, but that speculation was later denied.

What happened?

Along with the recent layoffs, the company had already laid off employees interested in the project. my attitude, a news site about the content of the platform. Senior company officials will be concerned about these and other changes that have yet to happen.

These are reflections latest company tax reportwhen it reported the first drop in its user base in a decade – resulting in a reduction in revenue – and lost significant market value due to the stock’s devaluation.

In addition to reducing costs, the platform is developing a cheaper version of its subscription plan with ads and is also considering investing in live broadcasts of programs.

What does Netflix say?

In a note to the website deadlineNetflix announced the layoffs as cost cuts.

“As we explained in the report, the slowdown in revenue means that we as a company need to cut growth expenses. (…) These changes are driven primarily by business needs, not individual performance, making it harder than ever before. We want to say goodbye to many of our good colleagues. We are working hard to support them through this challenging transition.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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