On its official blog, YouTube announced the news that will be available on its platform from today. These are options that have been tested for some time but are now ready for global rollout. Among them we have player changesnew features for highlight important parts of the video; and much more.

YouTube added a new graph that will allow us to see the most popular parts video. In this way, they hope that we will save time when viewing long content or content that is not separated by timestamps and where navigation can be difficult.

This feature is already has been available for some time for those users who subscribed to YouTube Premium. However, the company has finally rolled it out to the rest of the platform users; and you can see it from your computer as well as from your iOS or Android mobile device.

While creators often segment their longer videos into chapters or link to individual parts with timestamps, the new chart is designed to allow users to browse through any YouTube video and quickly find the most interesting parts.

These segments may or may not always correlate with where chapters or timestamps are located, especially in the case, for example, if certain segments go viral.


To know the most important parts of the video, you just need to play one of them in the YouTube app or on the web. Then drag the progress bar and you will see the graph appear gray top. The higher the hills, the more popular this area of ​​the video. In fact, if you’ve reached the most popular part, a small progress bar image will let you know.

More news for YouTube

YouTube Grafico más populares

But that is not all. platform also released chapters feature for other devices which were not previously supported. Among them we find Smart TV and game consoles. Now users of these devices will be able to view videos using the timestamps left by the creators.

single-loop This is another one of the features that are coming to the platform. This is a feature that allows users to run an infinite loop on any particular video. To use it, you just need to select an option in the video settings menu, the same one where you change the video quality and speed.

The YouTube player window has also been redesigned. As they say now we can see video information (withlike chapters, description or comments) from the small panel that will appear when full screen mode is activated. Also, you can vote for the video with your I like it or I do not like this much faster through this window.


There is one last thing. YouTube has confirmed that “very soon” we’ll be able to see another experiment they’re testing. Users in the future you can find the exact moment of the video they want to see It will of course be available sooner for YouTube Premium subscribers.

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