A Amazon It is the newest company to enter the sector. artificial intelligence (AI) productive, along the lines ChatGPT, poet, DALL-E And many others. The company announced this Thursday (13) bedrocka service provides tools and tools for companies and developers to build their own AI and integrate creator engines into applications.

That is, the new project differs from its competitors not in that it is a ready-made chatbot, but in that it is a platform with construction and scalability APIs, which provides a more intuitive way to create a new artificial intelligence.

This will be possible by choosing one of several basic models and creating applications from them for speech, translation and rendering of text or image content.

weight AIs

All templates are owned by partner developers integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of those already available since launch, Jura-2He can even take instructions in Portuguese. Also part of the package are the already famous Stable Diffusion imaging service and Anthropic’s Claude (who has an investment from Google and is betting on a more ethical AI).

This should be one of Amazon’s advertising guns: While already popular services like ChatGPT depend on a single prolific engine like the recently released GTP-4, Bedrock offers multiple options and different specializations at once.

For now, Bedrock will be available in limited preview to select AWS customers.

Source: Tec Mundo

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