Google CEO Sundar Pichai once again praised the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI), further raising expectations for what humanity can do with technology. In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes program, the executive compared the future impact of chatbots, assistants and other productive artificial intelligence to other significant developments in society.

“We’re developing technology that will one day be more capable than anything we’ve seen before,” Pichai says. He even said there is “deeper technology that humanity is working on” today, even more than fire, electricity “or anything we’ve done in the past”.

careful excitement

According to the CEO, the idea of ​​AI to exist in a variety of industries as an “assistant with superpowers” that can be devastating for professions such as writers, architects, software developers, and accountants.

In other situations, such as healthcare, AI can scan for diagnoses, tests, and symptoms and find something human doctors missed.

Despite the excitement, Pichai says he fears the use of AI “keep you up at night”, because the industry “still doesn’t have all the answers” on the subject. He argued that the development of these resources should be done not only with engineers, but also with engineers. philosophers, social scientists, and experts on ethical issues.

Google’s AI platform, called poetis in its initial launch phase. It has already been criticized for making some mistakes and even being released too early, but the CEO himself said this should have been common in the beginning.

Source: Tec Mundo

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