one Huawei AppGallery errorAn alternative developed to replace the Chinese brand Google Play store After US government sanctions, download paid android apps for free. As explained by developer Dylan Roussel on Wednesday (18), the issue has been around since February.

The expert responsible for the discovery of the flaw, huawei app store It does not have any protection to download paid software available on the platform. That way, you can download apps that require you to pay a fee without spending a penny. gamesOn branded mobile phones without Play Store.

However, some technical knowledge is needed to exploit the vulnerability and transfer the application to a mobile phone without paying any fee. piracyAccording to Roussel. He also addressed the huge loss of revenue for companies and developers that the bug is capable of generating.

In his tests, the researcher was able to download and install several paid applications for free on his mobile phone, exploit this error and start using them without great difficulties. A large number of programs affected have made it possible to discover that the fault is actually in the Huawei AppGallery and not in an eventual license verification error of the software itself.

The solution is on the way

after defining Bug in Huawei’s AppGallery, the expert contacted the Chinese giant in February to warn him of its discovery. Initially, the company requested five weeks to develop a solution, but the flaw has not yet been fixed and remains possible. download paid apps from store for free.

Because the fix was not made available within the time originally given by the brand, Roussel decided to make the vulnerability public. However, he received a link from the company shortly after he disclosed the problem.

Now, Huawei’s promise is to fix the bug by May 25. The manufacturer justified himself by saying that AppGallery works differently depending on the user’s region; this is a feature that is causing a delay in the release of a larger fix.

Image: Huawei Nova 5 Pro

Source: Tec Mundo

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