middle of the roadpopular image-generating artificial intelligence gets what it expects version 5.1. Its managers have introduced a large number of new features, many of which are widely requested by the community.

In recent months, the creators of Midjourney have focused on improving the interpretation of the text (Hints). This, of course, is reflected in images that are closer to the user’s request. With Midjourney 5.1, a new level of understanding has been reached will force the images to show even more specific details.

However, they also know that some people expect to see high quality images without a detailed description. If you are among them, we have good news for you. Midjourney 5.1 can now create complex images with short hints.. It will be very well received by those who are just starting to interact with this AI tool.

The above, of course, is due to the fact that Midjourney does most of the creative work. However, if you want the AI ​​to respect the simplicity of your hint as much as possible, you will have a new raw mode. When activated in the settings section, Midjourney 5.1 will offer you images similar to those of version 5.0.

Midjourney 5.1, on the other hand, brings with it Significant improvement in image sharpnessas well as reduce borders and text artifacts unwanted.

To activate Midjourney 5.1 enter your Promtp and then just go to /settings and click on version 5.1.

Think that Midjourney 5.1 is still in testing. The intention of its creators is to evaluate its performance in the coming weeks. This means that version 5.0 is still available to everyone. This is actually the default option (so you need to enable 5.1 manually).

Here are some images we created with Midjourney 5.1. Yes, this is crazy.

Midjourney 5.1 introduces a new moderator with artificial intelligence

Finally, they announced that They activated their moderation system again both in version 5.0 and in any that will be released later. After the criticism their previous proposal received, they made an effort to improve it.

Moderator, also powered by artificial intelligence, can now understand contexts. Therefore, it is not limited to blocking the generation of images with forbidden words.

This new AI moderator replaces our old system based on blocked words. The new system understands words in context and should be much smarter and more accurate.

The updated moderation system in Midjourney 5.1 works as follows. The core AI will parse all text queries. If it decides that the prompt is inappropriate based on its rules, it will display a warning. However, the user has the option to file an appeal, which will give access to even more sophisticated and intelligent AI moderation. It should be able to decide if the hint matches.

Since the second AI requires more resources to run, users can only send 5 hits every 24 hours. Of course, the amount may change daily depending on the traffic your server receives.

Like Midjourney 5.1, the new moderation tools are in testing. The developers will listen to the community’s comments to fix strange behavior and improve it day by day.

Source: Hiper Textual

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