Australian killer bugs from the genus Gorareduvius have learned to use tools while hunting. To catch and hold their prey, they get sticky resin – its essence is a sticky substance secreted by spinifex grass.

The use of tools by insects seems surprising – after all, it has already been taken into account that it is the ethos that distinguishes humans from animals. Rarely useful to bedbugs, sticky resins discovered were believed during the experiment. To do this, they selected 125 opov-ubiyts from the wild in Australia and placed in the laboratory.

In the bank, I doubled my life for two people – an ant and a fly. The former more often became victims than the secondary ones. But the effectiveness of hunting increased when the bugs could cover their front legs with resin – just as they do in the wild. The resin helps to fix the victim at the moment when the bug tries to plug it with its proboscis. In this way, insects embrace complete mastery of the manipulation of the environment. Due to this, they received an important evolutionary advantage that increases the chances of survival.

Scientists also use other examples of the use of various tools by insects. So, ants use particles of various materials to build “bridges”, and young beetles use excrement.

Source: Tech Cult

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