Factors in the development of cryptorchidism – a developmental pathology in which one or both testicles are misplaced and “split” – may be premature, alcohol abuse or preeclampsia in the mother during pregnancy, noted in a comment to Gazeta.Ru Andrey Dmitriev, a urologist at the Remedi Institute of Reproductive Medicine .

The expert noted that cryptorchidism is the most common malformation of the male reproductive system. It is seen in 3% of term boys and 30% of premature babies. In 80% of cases, the testis descends by itself into the scrotum in the first year of life. If this does not happen, doctors recommend a special operation. Otherwise, the risk of infertility in adult men increases: 4% if one falls, 30% if two.

Dmitriev identifies pre-eclampsia, a disease in which the factors in the development of pathology include prematurity and low birth weight, maternal contact with certain chemicals or excessive alcohol consumption, as well as high blood pressure of a pregnant woman and a significant amount of protein. Pee.

Source: Ferra

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