MediaTek may adopt Nvidia’s GPU architecture in its next premium mobile processorOptimizes the performance of Dimensity line components. The possibility of partnership between the two brands emerged DigiTimes this Tuesday (16).

Sources familiar with the industry told the publication that the first product resulting from this collaboration should reach the market by 2024. However, the Taiwanese giant may adopt the solutions provided by the US-based company in its next-generation chips for mobile devices.

Details about the new component are not yet available, but the expectation is, Boost the power of Dimensity processors for mobile gaming with some of the technologies in GeForce RTX cards. Improvements are also expected in support for AI features.

rumors about MediaTek and Nvidia partnership it is not entirely new, but so far no agreement has been signed for the parties to start working together. Neither company commented on this latest speculation.

Partnership can provide laptop chips

The smartphone market may not be the only one to benefit from this possible relationship between brands. According to the report, both companies Processors for laptops with Windows on Armcurrently dominated by Qualcomm.

MediaTek has shown interest in the region at other times, and now it can optimize its product with the addition of a top-of-the-line GPU, if the deal is indeed confirmed. The deal will also be watched closely by Nvidia, which is interested in improving performance after its 21% annual revenue drop in the fourth quarter of last year.

Source: Tec Mundo

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