The development of education in 1920. They were low walls made of stones, but the length of these walls was measured in tens of kilometers. The most shitty thing is that these sortings are impossible to detect from the ground, so they


Scientists have found that these structures served as a kind of pens, where people lured or herded their animals so as not to chase them throughout nature. It has been located for a long time in the Jibal Al-Khasabiya region in Ordania, next to the same number of years with the naked eye, a working stone, 80×32 cm in size, on which a diagram of the same building is hollowed out. More precisely, its late, not yet destroyed version in the corridor, which ends with a video camera with eight peaks.


The age of this stone is about 9000 years. In parallel, in Saudi Arabia, in Jebel Az-Zilliyat, a discovered stone and a structure built according to its drawing were found. I said that it is 8000 years old – and there are few details, for which the following article is available. Alas, there is still no information from who could build these amazing structures, and where they had such knowledge in architecture.

Source: Tech Cult

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