We have already included how to set up simultaneous sound output from different macOS applications to different receivers, for this you need to use third-party software.

Now you can output all audio from your Apple computer to multiple devices. You can do this with standard macOS tools. The chip will come in handy, for example, when watching movies for dubbing, computer TV panels and wireless speakers at the same time.

How to set audio output to multiple devices in macOS

1. Launch the application Audio-MIDI setup. You can find it in the folder Programsthrough Launchpad or search Searchlight.

2. Click “+” in the left corner and select Create a multi-output device.

3. Mark in the table all the necessary devices.

4. Rename the new device on the left panel for easy display.

5. Select an item from the menu Use this device for sound output.

6. Now you can select your device through the quantity indicator in the bar or menu Command centre macOS.

Source: Iphones RU

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