fine work he has a clear target for the end of 2024; Double the number of clients. This was confirmed by the operator at a press conference he attended. hypertextand in which Oskar Vilda, head of the company, detailed a new business plan called DOUBLE. A strategy that goes beyond increasing the user base.

DOUBLE essentially consists of a roadmap that will run until 2027. It aims to ensure that Finetwork expands its position in this sector. First step, repeat double the number of current customers. This is a target they plan to achieve by the end of 2024, when they hope to increase their revenues by 29% and increase their fixed and mobile lines by 45% compared to 2023. brand awareness up to 65% due to various strategies; this figure is expected to rise to 80% in 2027.

In the coming years, Finetwork hopes to increase your income up to 122.6% and multiply its EBITDA by thirty in relation to the results obtained during 2022. This will lead to the fact that the number of customers with active mobile lines will be multiplied by three, and with fixed lines – by four, they say.

At a press conference held today, Vilda outlined some of the fundamental principles needed to achieve these goals and increase the commercial activity of the operator. They will definitely do redesigning distribution channels, promoting digitization and expanding national network coveragecustomer experience and brand.

Finetwork ends May with an increase in the number of mobile and fixed-line customers.

Oscar Wilda, CEO of Finetwork.
Oscar Wilda, CEO of Finetwork.

This is without a doubt very optimistic data for Finetwork, a Spanish company that already has over 900,000 customers across the country and ended the month of May with 22% increase in revenue Compared to the same period last year.

The operator also increased number of customers with mobile lines up to 10% and up to 9% with fixed lines. Finetwork also offers a range of expensive plans for low cost carriers such as O2, Telefónica and others.

The company, in particular, offers fiber up to 600 MB for 29.99 euros per month. Also mobile plans up to 100 GB and unlimited calls for €19.90 per month with additional promotions such as an annual subscription to Amazon Prime. Finetwork, on the other hand, stands out for its converged offerings with options such as 600Mb fiber and 55GB mobile line, as well as unlimited calls for €39.90 per month.

Source: Hiper Textual

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