Apple’s future AirPods Pro – or even current models – could threaten two new sectors. At least that’s what Mark Gurman from bloomberg, in his latest newsletter, where he states that the Cupertino-based company will be working on new health-related features for its upcoming headphones. Apple, in particular, may include possibility of hearing analysis in new and current generations, as well as temperature sensor in future versions.

These are exactly the two features that have been rumored about in recent months, although so far we have not received such precise details. According to Gurman, the new hearing feature will be coming to some current compatible models — likely the AirPods Pro — once iOS 17 is available. This will allow the sensors on the headphones to do some sort of analysis to see if the user is using them. wears you may have hearing problems.

This feature will be complemented by some additional features that Apple is already integrating into its AirPods Prosuch as the so-called “hearing aid adjustment”. This allows you to adjust the sound and some headphone frequencies depending on the hearing needs of each user.

At the same time, Gurman argues that Apple will be working on AirPods Pro headphones or sonotons. Thanks in part to a new FDA measure that now allows these devices to be purchased without a prescription.

AirPods Pro will also be a thermometer

One of the most interesting features that AirPods Pro could get is the ability to measure body temperature thanks to the built-in sensoror. This is exactly what the Apple Watch Series 8 also allows you to do, and which, in the case of the AirPods Pro, will let you know if the wearer is showing signs of a fever by measuring the temperature through the ear canal.

It is not clear which models this feature will cover. However, it is likely that it is available in AirPods Pro third generationwhich is still in development.

Apple is also working on updating AirPods. USB-C. Well, let’s remember, the company must comply with the new European single port of loading law. Probably yes, if the company updates current models with this connector only, as Gurman claims health features may come later. The Bloomberg journalist also emphasizes that Apple is working on new AirPods Max and a new generation of AirPods. However, he does not provide more details about this.

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