Samsung’s next flagship cell phone. Galaxy S24 will have an important characteristic that it shares with instagram and this will provide direct access to camera.

What’s new: The Galaxy S24 may have an additional Instagram camera shortcut on the lock screen. This feature was revealed Alessandro Paluzzia user of the social network X, where he showed the screenshot.

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At the moment, only system applications are allowed on the lock screen (with a few exceptions): music, weather, alarms, procedures. Social media widget can be part of One 6.1 UIas soon as it arrives along with the Galaxy S24 series.

The popup is expected to appear after opening Instagram for the first time. Next, you will need to provide access to the Instagram camera, and there is a central button with “Advanced options…”.

One of the new features of the Galaxy S24 in camera mode will be the new E2E AI Remosaic technology, which promises to reduce image processing time and improve their quality. The company says E2E AI Remosaic speeds up image capture by up to 2x.

Source: Digital Trends

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