Telegram, one of the most complete messaging apps to date, has confirmed launch of Premium subscription plan which will allow users to enjoy some exclusive benefits. Among them is the ability to activate features not available in the free version, or the use of “additional resources”, as confirmed by Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of the platform, through his official channel.

In particular, Telegram Premium will be available in June this year. Users will be able to choose whether to pay a monthly fee – rumored to be around $4.99 – and thus be able to use exclusive features. Or continue with the free version. The premium plan, however, will add new features, increased speed and additional resources this will not be available in the free version due to the responsible maximization of the company. This will also include the ability to join the program to get the latest app news before anyone else.

On the other hand, free users keep “all existing features” in service. They will also be able to receive future news, as specified by the head of Telegram. In addition, those people who are not willing to pay for Telegram Premium also enjoy some of the benefits of a subscription model. “They will be able to view oversized documents, media and stickers sent by Premium users, or click to add Premium reactions already attached to the post to respond in the same way,” says Pavel Durov. The CEO and founder of the platform also confirmed that the goal of this new version is to make Telegram a user-funded service, not advertisers.

These are the possible benefits of Telegram Premium

Source: Hiper Textual

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