Movistar started 2024 by applying price increases for all your plansincluding converged miMovistar and Movistar Fusion, as well as mobile-only or fiber-optic networks.

In fact, all the tariffs that Movistar currently has in its catalog, even those that it keeps active but which are no longer on sale, such as Movistar fusion, have increased in price. Operator customers will pay from 2 euros more, depending on the tariff, and up to 4 euros more per month in offers that are no longer availablesince in the latter case the goal is to get customers to bet on other bets that are currently on sale, such as miMovistar bets.

Therefore, all those clients who currently have old Movistar Fusion course, They will pay 4 euros more per month as a fee.. These can be changed to a miMovistar tariff at any time to pay less, although customers on this converged offer are also not exempt from the price increase.

In particular, miMovistar tariffs now cost up to 3 euros more per month. For example, the miMovistar X4 Unlimited offer now costs €123.90, up from the €120.90 it cost before. Movistar’s unlimited x2 tariff now costs 93.90 instead of 90.90. On the other hand, the miMovistar unlimited tariff increases by 2 euros per month; customers will pay 76.90 compared to 74.90. Finally, miMovistar Max will cost 59.90 euros per month, down from 57.90; Its increase is also 2 euros.

Payment Previous price Price increases Increase
myMovistar Max 57.90 euro/month. 59.90 euro/month. 2 euros
unlimited miMovistar 74.90 euro/month. 76.90 euro/month. 2 euros
unlimited miMovistar x2: 90.90 euro/month. 93.90 euro/month. 3 euros
miMovistar unlimited x4 120.90 euro/month. 123.90 euro/month. 3 euros

Movistar increases prices on fiber-only and mobile-only plans

Movistar has also raised prices in some offers only fiber optic. The 300 Mbit/s tariff now costs 31.90 euros per month instead of 29.90 euros (that is, it will increase in price by 2 euros). The 600 Mbit/s fiber-only tariff also increases by 2 euros per month; It now costs 35.90 instead of 33.90. Fortunately, those customers who have a 1Gbps fiber-only plan will not see any price changes. However, the operator stopped the promotion for new customers, within which it offered discounts for the first three months.

Payment Previous price Price increases Increase
300 Mbps fiber only. 29.90 euro/month. 31.90 euro/month. 2 euros
600 Mbps fiber only. 33.90 euro/month. 35.90 euro/month. 2 euros
1 Gbps fiber only 45.90 euro/month. 45.90 euro/month. 0 euro

Finally, All Movistar mobile-only contract plans increase the price by €2 per month. Prepaid lines are excluded, as well as additional lines concluded at the appropriate tariff. The prices are as follows.

Payment Previous price Price increases Increase
Unlimited contract 8 GB 14.95 euro/month. 16.95 euro/month. 2 euros
Unlimited contract 30 GB 25.95 euro/month. 27.95 euro/month. 2 euros
Contract “Unlimited Plus” 41.95 euro/month. 43.95 euro/month. 2 euros

Movistar Plus+, the operator’s TV package is also becoming more expensive. These customers will pay 12 euros per month (that is, 1 euro more per month).

Source: Hiper Textual

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