The new iPad Pro of 2024 is on the way and these are its new features

Apple is about to launch the new iPad Pro with OLED display… and it’s going to be historic

iPad Pro with M2 chip | Image: Computer Today

During Last year Apple didn’t launch any iPads and has concentrated its commercial bets on the Mac lineup, with multiple models of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac… everything points to this year being the year of the iPad. Apple plans to refresh all iPad models, and some models, such as the iPad Pro, will have amazing new features.

Apple is said to be developing Two iPad Pro models in 11-inch and 13-inch versions. The latest information shows that the 2024 iPad Pro will arrive in April and that it is possible to start mass production in March.

Another iPad model that is likely to be released very soon may be the 12.9-inch iPad Air. A cheaper alternative to the larger iPad Pro. But this time we’ll focus All the news that the 2024 iPad Pro has prepared for us and these are amply confirmed.

OLED screen

iPad Pro

Apple may present the new iPad Pro at a special event in April

Apple will begin its own work Switching to OLED It will be included in the iPad product range, which will start with the new iPad Pro in 2024. The company currently markets other electronic devices with OLED displays, such as the Apple Watch and iPhone.

The 11-inch iPad Pro uses the LCD technology that has been in the tablet since 2018. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a mini LED screen with higher brightness and contrast. With OLED technology coming to two iPad Pro models in 2024, purer blacks, higher energy efficiency and a richer viewing experience Generally.

M3 chip


Apple M3 series

Another of the most important innovations of the 2024 iPad Pro lies, of course, in its processors. Thanks to its implementation, they will have a much higher power than previous generations. M3 chip.

New M3 chips will let iPad Pro greater stability, smoother interface response and includes new features on iPadOS.

Magic Keyboard

iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard may be completely redesigned with next-generation iPad Pro

Additionally, the 2024 iPad Pro will also come with a new little friend. Apple has designed a new Magic Keyboard aluminum With a larger trackpad panel that the iPad Pro will have a much more professional look.

Apple is redesigning the Magic Keyboard for the first time Since its launch in 2020. The idea is that this new keyboard will turn the iPad Pro into something closer to a MacBook.

Other lesser-known rumors suggest that the 2024 iPad Pro will have a new Smart Connector with a 4-pin connector and may come with a system. wireless charging, MagSafe support and even reverse charging. Although these news are not as confirmed as the ones we have highlighted before.

As expected, two new iPad Pro models of 2024 will launch with their corresponding camera improvements and minor design changes for example, narrower side bezels and/or thinner thickness. Let’s see what Apple will surprise us with this time!

Source: i Padizate

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