Instagram has added a very useful feature for iPhone users. If you love posting photos and videos on social networks, now it’s easier to take them and share them with your contacts. A new version A widget has been added to Instagram for iOS that activates the Stories camera from the lock screen.

You can usually turn on the story camera by opening the app and swiping on the icon. feed Right. Widget for iOS reduces the required number of steps and activates it from the lock screen, so you don’t have to unlock your phone or search for the app in your library. This way you can publish stories with one click.

The Instagram camera widget uses a feature that debuted in 2022 with the release of iOS 16. This feature not only allows personalize your lock screen by adding useful information, but also get access to some of the features of the apps you use most often. Whether you enable a weather forecast, a step counter, or a sleep monitoring bot, the options are endless.

While the idea of ​​posting Instagram stories from the lock screen seems appealing, you should know that it uses the app’s camera. Those who want to share higher resolution photos or videos will need to activate the iPhone camera. Let’s remember this Instagram’s compression algorithm doesn’t always produce the best results.

To activate a widget on your iPhone, you simply need to tap on the screen when it’s locked and select the Personalize > Add Widgets option. When the list of apps appears, tap Instagram and drag the widget to place it on your lock screen. After this, you will be able to take photos using this camera.

Instagram has been updated with new features

Stickers on Instagram

Lock screen widgets aren’t the only new feature on Instagram. A few days ago Meta announced that it will add features for stimulate conversations on the platform. According to Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram, direct messages are the primary means of sharing content, surpassing stories or feed posts.

To improve the experience, Instagram has enabled the ability to edit sent messages for no more than 15 minutes. If you were writing very quickly and missed a spelling mistake, or if you got angry and didn’t want to talk anymore, you may be able to correct or remove the content. With this feature, you will no longer have to unsend messages.

Other amazing features coming to the platform: favorite stickers and animated themes. In the first case, you can now store stickers and reuse them in your conversations, and animated themes will bring your chat windows to life. Instagram copied the best from WhatsApp benefit those who use the platform as a messaging client.

Improvements are available for chats and the camera widget on the home screen. For the latter, you’ll need an iPhone running iOS 16 or later.

Source: Hiper Textual

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