He Galaxy S24 Ultra This is one of the most powerful smartphones Samsung has released in recent years. Not only does he have advanced camera, excellent quality screen or larger battery, but also with artificial intelligence features that improve its performance. But all the good things fade into the background because of one mistake: The S Pen literally sucks.

Several users report Reddit what he stylus including the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it smells bad. “The S Pen on my Galaxy S24 Ultra sucks,” Latifil notes on the Samsung subreddit. “Either I have a sensitive nose or this thing is fried from the inside until it gets exposed. Please tell me I’m not crazy.”

The publication has 245 comments, most of which confirm that S Pen smells like burnt plastic. Some mention that This problem is not unique to the Galaxy S24 Ultra., because the S23 Ultra smelled like a mixture of chemicals and plastic. Although this detail has caused concern among cell phone owners, the truth is that the smell is nothing to worry about.

A moderator on the European Samsung forum confirmed this. The heat generated by the internal components of the Galaxy S24 Ultra causes the plastic to heat up..

The S Pen is stored in a case built into the body of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

“It may smell burnt, but it’s similar to the smell you might smell if you leave your car in the sun for a few hours. Plastic seats and accessories may have a hot smell, but it will subside when it cools down,” he said. “The S Pen smells like hot electronic circuits, but that’s completely normal. Even the S Pen on the S22 Ultra has this smell after almost two years of use.”

Why does the S Pen on the Galaxy S24 Ultra smell burnt?

Multiple owners of Galaxy smartphones with S Pen confirmed that this smell is normal and they are used to it. Others point out that they never bother to put their nose close to a cell phone, or their sense of smell is simply not that sensitive. The truth is that The smell of burnt plastic from the S Pen is constant.

If you’re thinking about buying the Galaxy S24 Ultra and are worried that the stylus might get damaged, there’s nothing to fear. The S Pen is inserted into the bottom of the mobile body, so the lid is in contact with the heat generated by the components. If you’re playing Warzone:Mobile or any other demanding game, or performing tasks that require more processing power, the phone can get hot, causing an irritating burnt plastic smell.

High temperatures occur not only when wearing a mobile phone as much as possible, because They also occur when fast charging is activated.. The heat waves we experience in the spring and summer (or when we use it in the sun) can also be a factor in your device overheating, causing the plastic of the stylus to emit that smell.

Samsung has confirmed that the S Pen is not damaged due to contact with mobile components when you leave it in the case. Some have questioned the South Korean for not addressing a detail that has been in effect for several years, although we can’t imagine how the stylus could be integrated into the Galaxy S24 body in a different way than the one it uses now.

Source: Hiper Textual

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