6 AI functions your iPhone already has that you didn’t know about

Apparently not, but Apple has already implemented AI functions on the iPhone, although most people are not aware of this

Your iPhone already has AI functions you don’t know about

Among the major rumors about AI functions that may come with iOS 18, many people do not know this iPhone already has many AI and machine learning functions. These are functions that help us every day and, in many cases, enhance other great features of the iPhone. It is there and very few people know about it.

Integrated portrait mode

iPhone 15 has a feature that can turn any photo into a portrait. This function uses: Artificial intelligence functions to determine that when we take a normal photo, we are taking a photo that could also be a portraiteven if we don’t enable it.

Person taking photos with iPhone

Portrait mode is a great feature and is done automatically on the iPhone 15

live text

Live text allows us Copy, share, search and translate text that appears in an image or in the Camera app. It also us a number of quick operations such as easily calling phone numbers, visiting websites, converting currencies and much more.

Remove a photo’s background and create stickers

The Photos app has the ability to identify foreground objects to eliminate the background of the photo; This also allows us to create stickers very quickly and easily. This is achieved thanks to functions that can identify all elements of a photo and separate them correctly.

cinema mode

Cinema Mode was released with the iPhone 13 and gives us Add a cool touch to our videos with ultra-precise blur effect and this allows us to later select the scene we want to have in focus. There is a lot of work behind this mode that Apple has perfected over time.

iPhone 13 Cinema Mode

Cinema Mode is a great iPhone feature

Siri Suggestions

Siri has many functions beyond voice assistant, and it is necessary to highlight Siri’s suggestions. Via widget or from Spotlight, Siri’s suggestions show us everything from apps we usually use at that time of day to birthday reminders or actions we usually take.. Siri will learn from us and show us very precise suggestions.

personal voice

The “Personal Voice” feature creates a voice that sounds just like you. You need to record a few sentences with your voice and thanks to machine learning it can do that. copy your voice to read any message. It’s an impressive feature, although it’s limited in terms of language at the moment.

Source: i Padizate

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