Apple introduced its iPad 14 years ago and it’s still the best tablet in the world

The anniversary of the iPad will be celebrated shortly before the major and promising refresh of the product

Steve Jobs presents the original Apple iPad

It seems incredible, but 14 years have passed since the official launch of the first iPad model in history. Apple’s rivals at first mocked the iPad: “It’s a giant iPhone,” “nobody wants to buy a screen that big.” Today, the iPad is respected and idolized by the whole world..

Original iPad released April 3, 2010 With 9.7 inch Multi-Touch display with IPS technology, 1 GH Apple A4 chip, 2500 mAh battery and 30-pin connector.

Today, the latest generations of iPad have evolved to incredible specifications. This has contributed to Apple’s iPad maintaining its sales leadership in this sector of the market.

iPad is king… and will continue to reign for 14 more years


Apple’s first iPad had the Apple A4 chip

Long live the iPad! iPad, which has been at the forefront of the tablet industry for years, is still number one. Apple has managed its marketing strategy very well to keep its iPad at the top of the industry With different models that adapt to the needs of each consumer. Diversification at its best.

iPad Air is a lightweight product that can be taken to the office or classroom; The iPad mini is much smaller, more maneuverable, and much cheaper; iPad Pro, on the other hand, focuses on productivity and the iPad, which has undergone a surprising evolution and managed to combine the best aspects of each version of the iPad.

iPad 2022

10th generation iPad: The evolution of the original iPad was incredible, how you have changed!

The truth is, it’s easy to name a few rivals that could challenge Apple’s iPhone. With Google and Samsung as the main competitors. But finding a worthy competitor to the iPad is extremely difficult. It dominates the competition with an iron fist, thanks in large part to the excellence of its design and operating system.

Steve Jobs about iPad

During introduction speech Official presentation of the original iPad Steve Jobs was joking about a quote published in The Wall Street Journal “The last time a tablet got this excited, it had a set of orders written on it.”

He also joked about Netbooks, claiming that they were nothing more than simple, cheap laptops. Thus introduced the iPad to the world.

“What this device does is amazing. You can surf the web. It’s the best web browsing experience you’ve ever had.”

It was truly extraordinary at the time Imagine a huge touch screen that you can interact with, a screen that you can manipulate as you wish playing, reading news, writing, watching videos… A unique experience. We now see this as a normal thing. But that’s about it A technological innovation unprecedented in human history.

A future on the horizon

iPad Pro

iPad Pro with OLED technology will be released soon

After looking back 14 years ago, it is now time to look to the future. And the future of the iPad is promising. Especially in the iPad Pro series, it is said that Apple plans to launch two new iPad Air and iPad Pro models in March 2024. 10.9 inches and another 12.9 inches The 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro will surprise the world once again with its magnificent performance. OLED screen and all his mighty power M3 chip From Apple Silicon, among many other new features.

But it doesn’t end there. Nothing is further from reality. Apple will renew its entire iPad product range by introducing new ones in 2024 ipad And new ipad mini with improved specifications and other design changes.

Happy birthday my iPad!

Source: i Padizate

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