One of the big changes to the smartwatch lineup Samsung Galaxy Watch operating system change. It has since switched to Wear OS, which has meant an increase in usage options and better compatibility with Android smartphones and other accessories. And this last one seems to improve further with a new technology.

Its name is FastDouble, and an old acquaintance who has been active since 2017 at the hands of Google. The fact is that to date its use with the operating system wear operating system It was limited to syncing phones, but that is something that is starting to change due to an update the Mountain View company has announced that is gradually reaching all compatible wearables.

Big news for Galaxy Watch

Since the new Samsung smartwatches use Wear OS (this has already been confirmed in future generations), these devices will benefit from all the good things Fast Pair has to offer when it comes to assembling the smartwatch. Accessories. An example is headphones. BluetoothIt will have a much simpler and more efficient synchronization process, increasing simplicity and efficiency.

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An example of what we said, if the device to be merged is already recognized on the phone, the operation on the smart watch will be just as fast. press a key sharing information and being able to use helmets. And this will be the case with other accessories as well. You can even review specific information in sections such as sync stability or the remaining battery charge of the synced product. Those who have a Galaxy Watch or another model with Wear OS operating system will be able to enjoy many benefits from now on.

the arrival of this update

The start of the distribution of this new option for the Galaxy Watch began on June 24 in the USA, and as far as is known, its presence is growing in different regions, which Spain will certainly not be missing. Also, it is important to know the version. Google services -the person who ensures compatibility- 22.24, so you can find out if this function is already available for your smartwatch. Of course, it seems pretty certain that there are only wearables. Wear OS 3.0 or higher They will be able to enjoy all the benefits of Google’s Quick Match functionality.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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