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If you samsung cell phone If it gets damaged in the future, you’ll likely have one less opportunity to fix it, and this could potentially become a major problem.

This is because the CEO and co-founder I’m fixing ittold by Kyle Vince Edge that his company would stop providing services to Koreans, blaming Samsung.

“Samsung doesn’t seem interested in the possibility of a major overhaul,” Vince said.

Although Vince didn’t say who technically broken with which, says price is the main reason the Samsung deal isn’t working: Samsung parts prices are so high and phones are still so difficult to repair that buyers simply aren’t buying.

iFixit says the deal with Samsung will also prevent it from helping local repair shops because the contract artificially limited iFixit to selling no more than seven parts per customer over a three-month period. “We haven’t been able to get the parts moving at the levels necessary to move the environmental needle,” Vince says.

iFixit just couldn’t receive official parts for the latest Samsung devices, in fact the 2022 Galaxy S22 line was the last time iFixit added original parts for new Samsung phones.

According to Vince, the Samsung and iFixit partnership officially ends on June 17, and he says he doesn’t believe Samsung will violate any right-to-repair laws once it’s completed.

In a blog post titled “We’re terminating our partnership with Samsung” that iFixit will publish today, the company makes no suggestion that Samsung is “fixing itself” or implementing any other harmful compliance strategy.

Instead, iFixit says:

“Clearly we didn’t learn our lesson the first time and let them convince us they were serious about the renovation. We tried to make this work. Oh my god, we tried it. But with such different priorities, we can no longer move forward.

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