Very recently, Apple MacBook Pro 13A model with an Apple M2 processor that promises improved performance. It is true that the SSD is causing problems due to its slowness, but this laptop leads the way. But, Can Windows 11 be installed on MacBook Pro 13?

The same question was asked by colleagues from XDA Developers, and the answer is: yes you can install windows 11 on macbook pro.. Also, as you will see later, the process is very simple.

It should be noted that Apple’s M2 processor is based on the ARM architecture, so that complicates the process as the Microsoft operating system is not compatible, but with a program where you can install Windows 11, the problem is, it will be there. In addition to the original Windows license, you must go through the box to purchase a necessary program for it.

How to install Windows 11 on your MacBook Pro with M2 processor

we talk about Parallels Desktop 17, a program that can create virtual environments to run any operating system without a dual boot installation. To be able to use Windows 11, you just need to install this virtual machine.

Yes definitely, this program requires a license, You will need the full version, although there is a free trial version so you can see how it works. There are summer promotions now, so if you’re a user of Apple equipment, this isn’t a bad investment. Currently the annual license fee is 59.99 Euros and the lifetime option is 79.99 Euros.

Even if, In principle, Windows should not be installed under ARM architecture. Fortunately, through the Windows Insiders program, you can download the ARM version of the operating system to install it on your MacBook Pro 13 without any hassle.

Note that this is a development version of the OS so there will be occasional bugs, but it’s just a matter of patience until you install the final version.

Finally, we recommend that you: If you decide to install Windows 11 on your MacBook Pro, disable updates. You can select this option within the Microsoft Insiders program. With this, you have the guarantee that you are using a stable version and avoid future troublesome updates.

The idea of ​​having a virtual machine that lets you use Windows programs on your MacBook is worth considering, so we believe the process isn’t exactly complicated, even if you have to pay for the license. worth it. What are you waiting for to install Windows on your MacBook Pro!

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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