More than half of cell phones in the United States are already iPhones.

Apple continues to meet challenges and is now the leader in smartphones in the United States.

by Victor Sifontes for iPhone

To represent it from a general point of view, US market reached 35.4 million units shipped For the second quarter of 2022; this one represents 6.4% declineThis may be due to rising inflation and the economic challenges facing the country, as well as rising seasonal demand, usually in late autumn.

However, despite the negative trend, Apple managed to overcome this negative slope with 3% growth.and it all stems from the solid demand the iPhone 13 has received, along with the adoption of the entry-level model, the 3rd generation iPhone SE.

All this data is according to Canalys, a company dedicated to the analysis of the tech market.

More than half of cell phones in the United States are already iPhones.

Smartphone shipments, market share and annual growth in North America

Leader in every way

Not only did Apple pioneer the shipment of devices in North America, it also Pioneered 6 out of 10 models, which indicates that most of the smartphones in North America belong to the apple brand. According to the chart presented by the consultant, Apple devices are followed by Samsung’s Galaxy lineup, which has three locations – but not that closely.

6 out of 10 devices belong to Apple

Canalys adds “Consumer interest in low-end and high-end devices keeps the market afloatas the appetite for mid-range devices is fading fast“.

What about tablets and computers?

The technology consultancy also published a secondary report on PC and tablet statistics in Western Europe for the second quarter of 2022.

And it seems that the closures in China are starting to hurt; Apple remained in fifth place, representing a 42% drop due to MacBook manufacturing-related disturbances.

More than half of cell phones in the United States are already iPhones.

Apple was crowned once again

But interestingly, when it comes to tablets, Cupertino’s back to first place; however, although they are positive numbers, they really represent a 20.6% annual decline.

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Source: i Padizate

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