This took a little longer than expected to happen, but Google has finally confirmed the date when the new Pixel 7 phone lineup will be official. It also did the same with its first long-awaited smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, which means the Mountain View company is improving its hardware ecosystem, which will become a reality this fall.

Specifically, and in a message posted on Twitter, the North American company confirmed: next 6 october (at 10:00 local time). The event where the mentioned teams will be officially presented. Therefore, much more will be known than stated at the Google I/O developer conference, where it was made official that both products will exist.

There is even special information that it will be put up for sale: On the 13th of the same month, a new one is constantly mentioned. Pixel and Pixel Pro, two options that Google is expected to announce officially. Of course, there is no data on the regions to be selected in the first wave of distribution.

Some known details about Pixel

For starters, the operating system they will use out of the box is Android 13, and there is always an unmodified version of this software. on a daily basis. It has also been confirmed that the processor they will add is the new processor. G2 tensionerIt will have new options for what it has to do with learning (using more power and less energy) that Google will use in its terminals.

With this new hardware, the entire Pixel 7 series is expected to include: to go forward It matters what it has to do with the use of the voice along with the signature assistant and also its options. security -what does it have to do with both access to smartphones and stored data-. In fact, the episode is more than likely. photography advantage For effective software upgrades and customization.

New products from Google's Pixel series


Obviously, there will also be more powerful hardware what does it have to do with both memory and integrated display. And yes, it remains to be seen whether a satellite connection is included, as the new iPhone 14 is expected to offer and the Huawei Mate 50 already allows.

The smartwatch expected at the presentation

This will be a model that will include Wear OS 3 (or at least this is expected). This means significant advances in the use of applications, and also everything will run very quickly thanks to the use of the Exynos processor. The Pixel Watch, which will have a circular design and very high quality, will have a lot of Google assistant.

It is believed that the autonomy of this model can last up to three days, and with regard to connectivity, a variant will not be missing. LTE. Without any water related issues and with all the necessary sensors to gather all the necessary health information, the Google wearable can be obtained on different surfaces.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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