One of the curiosities that arose during the promotion of the new series iPhone 14 US and Canadian models come with cards only my partner. For this reason, traditional ones cannot be used with them. This has left some users not particularly happy, something Apple wants to change with some clarifications showing the benefits of this decision.

eSIM, also known as virtual SIM, is a digital version The number of cards usually used in Spain that work with a chip in the mobile device itself. This makes it possible to use different profiles or access to operators to access their networks. That is, it’s like carrying a few traditional SIMs inside the terminal, but without physical exchange ties (since changes to the active service are done via software).

Reasons for using eSIMs

Two must-haves. First, the digital cards we’re talking about are very safer, because, among other things, they cannot be lost independently (because it is not possible to remove them from the phone in question). By the way, this is also quite positive – and it is much more possible to disable it remotely – when it comes to theft due to theft of the terminal or its inability to do so. The second major reason is comfortthis is done by saving the information in the eSIM of the iPhone 14, since nothing needs to be manipulated to change the carrier. And the truth is, this will be a breather for many.

Colors of the new iPhone 14 Pro


Regarding the current complaints of some US and Canadian users regarding the use of their terminals in other countries, the Cupertino company stated: the new iPhone 14 supports at least 100 eSIM types from different markets around the world. Therefore, the most normal thing is that it is not a problem to go abroad and reach a global provider serving in many countries of the world. Of course, there are also unlikely options like China, because digital cards are not used there.

Reasons enough for the iPhone 14?

The truth is, it depends. On the one hand, there are important factors that are positive and make iPhone use safer around the world… Present terminals this way anywhere in the world where access to eSIM is possible (an example is Spain). And this was certainly not done by Apple, which five years ago would have forced operators to make changes to these cards. But now things seem not to be so.

The truth is, it’s a move that shows a clear commitment to moving forward as eSIMs are the future. stay in the middle (Some places yes, some no). Putting a balance of what has and isn’t, it must be said that it’s much better not to have a model with an eSIM right now due to worldwide supply constraints. Therefore, the sale of the new iPhone 14 with the traditional card in Spain is not so bad. And in the future, God will tell.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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