One of the phones about to reach the high-end market, OnePlus 11 Pro. This is expected to be a particularly powerful terminal and according to what was just known this will be the case. Therefore, we are talking about a device that will play the trick of easily passing the best teams that companies such as Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi have personally put into play.

If the facts are confirmed, the smartphone we’re talking about will be a genius for the Asian manufacturer… or extreme madness. will have to see. The truth is, some of its specs have been leaked and things are almost scary when it comes to hardware. An example of what we said is a data store wonderful 16 GB. The truth is, it’s much more than is required on paper to run Android and its apps. Some will dismiss it as far-sighted for the future, others as extreme.

Obviously the processor won’t be left behind and the OnePlus 11 Pro will be the best Qualcomm has to offer when it goes on sale. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, will be able to handle everything that can be done with the device in both the entertainment and professional fields. It will clearly be a beast, and if everything is fulfilled, it will become a benchmark in the market from the moment it is released.

He will have everything… and always good

But this manufacturer does not want to leave any details without properly striving to be one of the best high-end terminals on the market. An example of what we said is that the battery will also be the most interesting. This is because it has a load. 5,000mAh, without undue influence on what it has to do with design. In addition, it will also offer excellent speed in charging when charging is precise. 100W. Therefore, there is nothing to envy anyone.

Possible design of OnePlus 11 Pro


Add to that and you’ll have state-of-the-art storage. UFS 3.1 memory At least and the connection will be excellent, it is clear that the bet will be very important in this OnePlus terminal. Curiously, little or nothing has been said about the display, but certainly the chosen component will be AMOLED and have a very high frequency, so it wouldn’t be unusual to see it hit 144Hz.

OnePlus 11 Pro’s camera and possible price

In the first case, it should be said that cooperation is possible, in order to offer the best possible quality. Hasselblad. This will allow the company to take an important step forward in what color has to do with definition and handling. Whatever has to do with sensors, the main thing 50MP With a 48MP element wide-angle and 32-megapixel telephoto lens, there will be no shortage of help needed to reach 2X optical zoom.

Obviously, with everything mentioned, it is clear that the OnePlus 11 Pro will not be cheap, and everything indicates that the terminal will be placed. close to 1.000 Euro. Nothing particularly crazy in these times, everything has to be said. If all goes as it should, his arrival will occur in early 2023.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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