This folding iPhone concept is simply gorgeous

Have you imagined what a foldable iPhone would be like? This concept helps you imagine it.

by Eduardo Savín for iPhone

September event showed us the new iPhone 14 familyalthough, as recently, the number of innovations is minimal, in other words, nothing that surprises the tech-savvy public.

Another successful event, but We haven’t seen one of the innovations that many users have been waiting for from Apple.: foldable iPhone. Although there are rumors that this device will appear after 2023, fans have thought about what this smartphone will look like, and here we leave you with a simply amazing concept.

The new concept of folding the iPhone

It was on the Behance website that creator Michal Dufka showed us how he imagined the foldable iPhone. Concept called iPhone iFold. As a first detail, the creator states that he was completely inspired by the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr, which are currently the best-selling foldable products.

Foldable iPhone concept

iPhone’s camera module could be more useful

When the iPhone is opened, it looks almost identical to an iPhone 14 from the front. Dufka took the liberty of removing the notch (original or pill-shaped) and replacing it with a single hole for the selfie camera. Perhaps Dynamic Island will be out of favor when Apple finally launches the foldable iPhone.

As we can see in the images that the creator posted on the web, camera module is better used on this occasion. When the mobile is folded, an additional screen will appear where you can see information such as the weather, the exact time, activity and even the currently playing music.

Another detail is Dynamic island would be lost in this conceptsomething that gives a different style to the already presented iPhone 14, as the creator places the front camera only in a drilled hole. For the rest, the mobile remains the same as the current generation.

As we always say, It is a concept and design made by a follower of this brand.That doesn’t mean it’s an official design or that Apple plans to release a folding device in the coming months. But I hope we get a surprise soon.

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Source: i Padizate

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