Last Wednesday (2), Xiaomi posted a video with The prototype of the Mi 12S Ultra, but with a unique difference: the possibility of connecting a professional camera lens of the brand Leica — device launched in early 2022. The traditional smartphone model offers a dedicated rear sensor of only one inch, which is much larger than the sensors in most mobile devices.

According to the information disclosed, the conceptual mobile phone offers connectivity with two one-inch sensors and professional lenses. In the video, the Chinese company shows the smartphone in use as a Leica M series lens🇧🇷

According to site information GSMArenaXiaomi worked with Leica to build the camera system of the Mi 12S Ultra. However, the new possibility will turn the device into a professional tool for taking pictures and will allow you to use real depth of field, not software blur.

Currently only Hasselblad’s MotoMod offers a Moto Z-like option.

Professional mobile phone camera lens

When capturing an image, the conceptual version of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, RAW quality up to 10 bit, also an artificial intelligence solution for processing photos. By connecting the Leica lens, the device will offer photography features integrated into the camera app.

While it’s a great idea, especially for photography professionals, Xiaomi has no plans to make a commercial version of the device yet, and it will likely remain a concept device only.

Source: Tec Mundo

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