Apple had to change the connection ports of its devices to use usb type c. This is because the European Union rightly wants to consolidate the use of links so that users do not have headaches in this regard. everything points iPhone 15 It will be the first phones of the company to use this interface, and some information about it has emerged.

It’s true that the Cupertino company didn’t like it very much, because his idea was to stay on track and ignore what the rest of them were doing. However, in the end, you had to jump through hoops as much as you said the stability of USB Type-C didn’t beat you out of Lightning (among other things). The truth is, a report has emerged that shows that something many people may not like may happen: connection utilities on the basic iPhone will not be the same as on the Pro. In other words, here the North American firm will once again apply its usual medicine of distinguishing the two ranges in every possible way.

What exactly will the difference be on the iPhone 15?

Well, according to the published data, this will have to be done almost entirely with the operating speed that each connection allows. Models basis will have performance Similarly (Lightning) offered by the interface currently common on iPhones. On the contrary, variable professional the Apple terminal of the future will have a significantly better capacity, because it will be mmuch faster Reaching Thunderbolt 3 levels will therefore practically double.

What it has to do with fast charging at the moment, there is no news about it. But the normal thing is that with the arrival of USB type C to the iPhone there is an improvement if Apple decides. It is not yet clear whether the firm will take advantage of this opportunity, but nothing has been confirmed. But the truth is Reach 40 or 50W It’s entirely possible without the slightest problem (there are Android terminals that far exceed this very comfortably).

A long-awaited development

The improvement in transfer speed (and power if you want to take advantage of it) is something many Apple users have been waiting for for a long time. But limitations Lightning did not allow this. So, despite the reluctance, the forced inclusion of USB type C in the iPhone 15 is not a bad thing for users … not at all. Of course some will have trouble having accessories they can’t use, and of course that just doesn’t seem right to them.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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