Smart speakers are accessories that allow you to manipulate your voice and therefore manage to get good sales. view Moreover, it has its own model that has been on the market for two years. Although the effect is not as expected, the North American company will not give up its product range and there are some features that are considered natural to offer the new generation.

First of all, it was going to be a long-awaited comeback.

By all indications, the company plans to announce the expected renewal of this accessory at some point in the year. year 2023, it is normal to bet before summer. This may be the time for something that matters to many to happen: the resurgence of the biggest model Apple removed from production in time to bet on the HomePod mini in a unique way. It is not yet clear whether the high price of the first (at least 299 euros) has been preserved, which has reduced its sales to almost zero. But what seems certain is that in S8 processor existing on the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, there are many who bet that the largest HomePod of a device will be included. touch screen without changing the basic design of the speaker. Therefore, this product may come with many new possibilities, but we will see if there is a gap in the sales of the smart accessories we mentioned.

This will be Apple’s HomePod mini update

Almost all of the sources reporting this new product point to Apple’s own S5 as the processor that will manage everything Siri-related in it. This will contribute more power and in addition, it will allow more complex actions with voice. This can be crucial when it comes to differentiating from what companies like Amazon or Google are currently offering.

Apple HomePod mini speaker colors


Also, a combination of this accessory with Apple TV. It is not entirely clear what the resulting product will look like, but it is expected that it will be a multimedia player with access, as well as the option to manage both music and voice actions on a single device. e-platforms Internet. That would be pretty interesting and could mean a great evolution for Apple’s HomePod mini. Of course, it is necessary to see if there is a new design or if a new design has been released, which means a new product range rather than an evolution.

this Price:%s in this case unlike what happened with the iPhone 14 or the new iPadthey practically do not raise anything. The reason is that the competition in this product range has models that are very well tuned, and if the amount you have to pay is increased, it is very likely that users will see them on the market. But of course, with Apple, you never know.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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