We commented a few days ago. Huawei I had a pretty crazy idea aimed at launching a smartwatch that integrates headphones. The truth is, it seemed like one of those impossible things that was predicted to go on sale from time to time. But nothing is further from the truth as the Asian firm has confirmed that it will manufacture them and even on the day they will be officially announced.

For some time now, this company has emerged as one of the most interesting of all wearable accessories on the market, especially in the smartwatch segment. And now it wants to go a step further by showing everyone that it has the capacity to innovate in a crucial way, and for that, it will launch Huawei Watch Buds, which may seem like an empty dream to many and then transform. A completely different option.

An upcoming release

In fact, as we commented before, the company itself has set a release date. And to everyone’s surprise, this one is really close: December 2, 2022. Therefore, the images leaked from the boxes containing these smart watches were real. In addition, the company’s own managing director (Richard Yu) has made it clear that this smartwatch will be a revolutionary development and will allow you to enjoy an experience.incomparable“. And he may not be mistaken, everything must be said.

A video shows the design of this Huawei

To make things clear, a video has been released where you can see what this smartwatch will look like. It is clearly finished that it is a very attractive model aesthetically. Metal and states that the company maintains the lines of the smart watch line it has on the market. So, for example, the sphere circular and allows easy replacement of belts. Of course, you never see where the helmets are hidden inside the wearable, which is the most surprising thing this equipment has to offer at the beginning.

There are two options that are convenient for storing the headphones. The first is that the smartwatch is on one of its sides. That would be the most comfortable one, but yes, it’s a big question as to what it has to do with hardware integration. On the other hand, the most plausible one, as seen in the video we left just before this paragraph, opening system – through the use of a button – that releases screen and that’s where the helmets would be. Fortunately, we’ll have to wait a very short time to find out for sure… until December 2.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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