maybe the series iPhone 14 still trending especially due to delays and shortage of stock. Again, view prepares for the future. We are still in the early days of 2023, but the company is preparing its next big move in the smartphone world. we talk about family iPhone 15It’s one of Apple’s core products for 2023, and for some, it’s the apple company’s most important product this year. According to a new report, Apple has already started test production of the iPhone 15 in China and is racing to do the same for its India branch.

iPhone 15’s development work continues

With the exception of the iPhone 14 Plus, the current series sells well. With the usual success of the iPhone series and the innovations it brings, professional and ProMaxMore users will be looking at the iPhone 15 series this year. Apple wants to play the game and secure enough stock for launch. The last two years have been a lesson for most manufacturers. As a result, the iPhone 15 series has already started its journey on the assembly line and is entering the market.

The iPhone 15 series is now in the process of introducing new processes. Apple will use these parameters to get a clear idea of ​​how the actual product will work when the phones are actually ready. Of course, the company already has a good idea of ​​what the new devices will bring in terms of hardware and design.

iPhone 15 is already making its way to the market and unleashed the illusion

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Apple’s long-term partner Foxconn has started trial production of the iPhone 15. At this stage, he will check and repair possible parts with all manufacturers and suppliers. You will also be assured that the machines are up and running and the quality assurance process will do its usual business. In addition to its Chinese branch, Apple wants to start test production in India as soon as possible. It actually wants to reduce the difference between the two branches. Apple has had a lot of ups and downs due to Chinese manufacturing and local tensions, so it makes sense for them to further strengthen their Indian branch.

What can we expect from the new Apple family?

It’s a little early to talk about the features and specifications of the iPhone 15 series. However, there are some leaks. The iPhone 15 series will reportedly retain the iPhone 14 series layout with four devices. Apple will try the Plus variant once again. It is possible that the hardware differences between the two will remain at least in the CPU part. we can see iPhone 15 and 15 Plus with Apple A16. Meanwhile, the Pro variants will introduce: Apple A17.

As for the camera issue, reports suggest that Apple will close the gap between the two families. As a result, we can see that Classic and Plus both take 48 MP. Finally, with Dynamic Island, the new design will reach the two cheapest units. we can see iPhone 15 Pro Max -which will actually come as the iPhone 15 Ultra – and a new focus on battery life. High-end models will continue to offer special features that make them stand out.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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