Company Samsung is planning an event on January 18 that it will announce various devices, including a smartphone. The model in question will be a very interesting terminal, although at the moment all the attention is drawn to the future Galaxy S23. We tell you what to expect from this terminal that could become one of the best middle class what’s on the market

Everything points to the fact that the model to be announced will go on sale in 2014, despite the secret revealed in this regard. Samsung Galaxy A34. This model will be accompanied by other devices from the company, in which case it is not very clear what will happen (some point to a low-cost smartwatch and headphones of the same type). One of your star options, Compatibility with 5G networks. As such, it will be perfectly prepared for racing in the mid-range.

What to expect from this Samsung phone?

The model in question, which will be the start of the Galaxy S23, which will become official on February 1, will have options that ensure it does not fail in any section. Without going any further, what does it have to do with the issue? RAM 6GB will be includedand it is expected to be a single quantity (thus different variables, at least 128 gigabyte). On the other hand, it aims to be a processor MediaTek Size 1080i.e. we are talking about a good octa-core running at a maximum of 2.6 GHz (for example, it is the same item in realme 10 Pro +).

Colors of Samsung Galaxy A34


Since it is a panel, the screen will not be bad either. 6.6-inch AMOLED will have Full HD + resolution and 120Hz frequency. If we add to this that the integrated camera will have three sensors (the main sensor will be 64 megapixels) and since it will be inside, the battery will allow for a full day of use. 5,000mAh -25W fast charging will not be a problem-. It’s pretty obvious we’re talking about a very complete Samsung phone without being innovative.

price is the key to everything

Considering that this model has reached a market segment where there is a lot of competition, the Redmi Note 12 Pro sample with similar specs, the amount you have to pay for this device will determine whether it will be attractive. Therefore, it should ideally be positioned for users Between 325 and 375 euros. If this is accomplished, we are talking about the fact that this Samsung Galaxy A34 will be a product with a great future.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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