Apple seized the opportunity Data Protection Day — which will take place on January 28 — to make two announcements regarding privacy. The idea is to, on the one hand, reaffirm their commitment to this, and on the other hand, to inform people about its importance and how they can protect their data with the brand’s products.

The first of the announcements short video hosted on Apple’s YouTube channel called “A day in the life of someone’s ordinary data”. It shows snippets of any day where the protagonist unknowingly shares personal or sensitive data with other companies. Shopping, web searches, location data, etc. The clip also shows some of the features the brand has implemented in their devices to stop this information from being sent to third parties.

video also starring actor Nick Mohammedwho plays Nate in Ted Lasso, one of the most popular series on Apple TV+. In the clip, an Apple product expert appears next to him, contextualizing and informing both the risks and possible solutions offered by the brand’s devices.

YouTube video

Premiere sessions Today at Apple focused on privacy

The second initiative that Apple wanted to accompany this Data Protection Day is premiere Protect your privacy on iPhonenew session Today at Apple with which it aims to raise awareness of the value of data and, above all, how to stop the unwanted sending of the same with the features present in the mobile of the brand.

The aforementioned session, which will take place twice a week at the Apple Store and will last approximately 30 minutes, will feature features such as Mail privacy protection or security check. It will also show you how to manage cross-app tracking, how to prevent apps from accessing your mobile location, etc.

To participate in any of these sessions, simply register on the Apple website by clicking here. First in Spain will take place next Saturday, January 28, timed to coincide with Data Protection Day. In the case of using your own iPhone, yes, they recommend updating it to iOS 16.

iphone 14 plus

iOS 16.3 is a step forward in privacy

These two announcements came shortly after the launch of iOS 16.3, a version that, among other innovations, allows enable end-to-end encryption for all iCloud services –announced December 2022–.

The difference between point-to-point and standard encryption is simple: in the first case Apple does not have the keys needed to decrypt content stored on its servers. Only the owner has this password.

Until now, end-to-end encryption only applies to services such as iCloud Keychain where passwords are stored. However, with this new feature, the brand allows its customers to apply the same level of security to any information or content they upload to their servers.

Of course: Apple warns that if the owner activates this option and forgets the password, There is nothing you can do to recover information stored in iCloud.. Hence, this is another option instead of the default.

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