The depreciation of smartphones is something that has always existed, however this year things seem to be more complicated. According to the analysis of the portal SellSell, Samsung Galaxy S22 Loses Its Value Faster Than iPhone 13 two months after its release.

Data from 40 independent buyers in the US shows that the Samsung terminal it depreciates to 57.5%, equivalent to a $575 loss.. Over the same time period, the iPhone 13 reduces its cost by 19.1% in one of its variants.


It is worth mentioning that these figures are trade-in values ​​for used models. SellSell collects data from trusted US sources and conducts smartphone value loss analysis. Depreciation depends on the model, for example, 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max only has a 4.7% drop for ‘Good’ condition and 3.8% for ‘Like new’ resold.

In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G 128GB depreciates 57.5% in “good” condition and 53.8% in “like new” condition. Another Android smartphone that was also affected by this fall is Google Pixel 6 Pro 256 GB. Google’s flagship shows 45.7% of models that are sold as new. This percentage represents a loss of $479. compared to the starting price of $999.

Buying a used Samsung Galaxy S22 can be a great investment

Samsung Galaxy S22

Despite the injection of millions of dollars into marketing campaigns and the excellent performance of the top models, the reality is that Samsung smartphones depreciate faster than iPhones. While the 128GB iPhone 13 drops $139 after the first month, the 128GB Galaxy S22 5G depreciates $339 over the same time period.

Analysis SellSell, The iPhone 13 registers the lowest levels of any other Apple model in previous years.. in variants premium, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the drop is minimal and they restore their value in the second month. This phenomenon will be due to the shortage of chips that affects the technology industry since 2020.

While the iPhone 11 and 12 have depreciated by 40% on average, the iPhone 13 barely reached 25%. A separate report from Apple Terminals mentions that this trend could continue if production declines further in 2022 and 2023..

Although the figures in this report they only take into account the prices of used smartphones, can serve as a guideline for those looking to upgrade their old Galaxy. The trend indicates that it’s always better to wait a month or two to get an unbeatable offer on a used mobile phone.

Source: Hiper Textual

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