iPhone 14 Pro sells like cakes, but iPhone 14 Plus won’t turn on

The sales situation is improving on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but the opposite is the iPhone 14 Plus, which goes straight to failure.

iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Plus are the same size but there are many differences.

This iPhone 14 Pro recoverypartly because of what happened a few months ago due to supply chain problems due to blockades and factory closures due to Covid. According to JP MorganOne of the largest investment companies in the USA they have a better sales pitch and especially many users switching from Android. The iPhone 14 Pro is getting better and the iPhone 14 Plus continues to confirm a sales failure, as did the iPhone mini.

What’s going on with the iPhone 14?

JP Morgan has slashed Apple’s share price due to its latest earnings report. The product cycle of both the iPhone and Apple Watch would start to decline, but when it comes to Apple’s most popular device, those declines are smoothing out. As seen by AppleInsider, overall demand for the iPhone 14 is falling but its market share is higher than usual.

This information is based on recent sales from major US operators. Right now, participation 69% (was 70% in December), much better than January of previous years.

iPhone market share by carriers

iPhone market share by carriers

Reiterating the crisis situation in China with iPhone production and supply chain, The latest survey of operators shows a significant improvement in late December and early January.. Only this improvement includes Pro models that are not on the iPhone 14 Plus.

Two sides of the coin, iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best and iPhone 14 Plus is the worst

Regarding participation, iPhone 14 Pro Max registered 19% and 14 Plus 7% in January. The survey, incidentally, was completed before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Pro models have a total participation of up to 69%, compared to 34% in November.. There is no doubt that the crisis has somewhat limited popularity in sales and participation. On the other hand, 18% of the regular iPhone 14 model was registered, slightly more than 16% of the 14 Pro model. Apple has yet to complete a product line that is not profitable for it. After the iPhone 12, the mini variant of the iPhone 13 and now the Pro Max model, which is the same size but plain, does not appeal to users.

9:41 am on iPhone 14

9:41 am on iPhone 14

About competitive users, 50% of sales reps said their customers are switching from Android to iPhone. Just over 5% switch to Android. How is the change for you? 32% do not see this as a big change, while 13% say it is largely uniform.

Will Apple dare to go ahead with a future iPhone 15 Plus? A drastic change that could point to something in the favour would come in September of this year, when Dynamic Island could be announced on this iPhone model and would cease to be exclusive to Pro models.

Source: i Padizate

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