Through sensors and algorithms, Apple will be able to predict your probability of falling according to your age, weight, height and stability. The technique, submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office, is an upgrade of the Drop Detection sensor found in Apple Watches.

According to this patented appleThe tool, which has access to the US agency’s documentation, consists of an advanced testing process that can be performed on iPhones, Apple Watches or future Fitness Bands, which the brand patented in September.

According to Apple’s patent application, the new technology could replace the need for a face-to-face medical evaluation before walking or jogging. While it cannot predict a fall in real time, future Apple Watches will be able to do so via a combination of sensors if users are prone to falls due to personal factors.

How will Apple’s new Drop Detector work?

The sensors in future Apple Watches and other compatible devices, described in documents submitted by Apple, will combine various features to pre-evaluate the quality and dynamic balance of users’ gait. Equipment includes: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and Global Position System (GPS).

The system called “walking stability” is working comparing the user’s balance with a parameter that assesses the walking stability of the general population. The so-called “downside risk” estimate covers an adjustable time horizon, such as one year.

replacement of innovation A medical protocol known as TUG (Portuguese for “Levantar e Andar Chronométrado”), The new Apple Watch Series 9, which is expected to be released in September.

Source: Tec Mundo

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