The buzz around Formula E, the international single-seat electric car championship, was briefly overshadowed by the recent scandal in Portland, Oregon. The DS Penske team was fined a considerable amount of 25,000 euros.. The reason lies in the RFID scanner, hidden at the entrance to the building. pit lane.

According to the FIA, said device is capable of collecting data from other race cars.. Thus, DS Penske gained an unfair advantage during the Formula E competition, they said in a statement. In addition to the monetary fine, drivers Stoffel Vandorn and Jean-Eric Vergne will also be fined. From now on they’ll have to wait for the end pit lane while joining the races, something that could affect the performance of the team.

The 2023 Formula E season has seen significant changes from previous years. One of them is the arrival of the new Gen 3 vehicles, which show us a completely new and improved design. In addition, as a result of the competition, the tire manufacturer changed from Michelin to Hankook iON. According to website, this change may have been the reason why DS Penske installed the get an overview of the competition grid, looking for an advantage at all costs.

Certainly, the FIA ​​has every reason to punish those who used an RFID device. After all, the installation of any equipment on pit lane This is completely prohibited by the rules of Formula E. The reason is clear, and it is that it violates the intention to maintain equality of conditions between all participants during the competition.

One of the pilots reacted to the sanctions in Formula E

From my side, Jean-Eric Vergne decided to testify against the fines imposed by the FIA ​​on his team. The claim that DS Penske was spying on its competitors is a “false accusation” and “completely wrong,” he says.

However, Vergne recognizes the installation of an RFID device in Formula E, but they would not be used for what the FIA ​​describes. “With this system, we simply read the tire serial number to see which tires others are using. Something that any team can do (and certainly does) by taking pictures,” he says on his Twitter account. Twitter.

Vergne later admits that the specified device should not be in pit lane first of all, and with this he agrees with the FIA. Of course, he believes that the sanction was “tough enough.”

Source: Hiper Textual

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