Although it may seem like we live in an ‘infinite’ universe, the truth is that everything is finite, even our Sun. According to experts and astronomers, The sun’s dying process will begin in about five million years; The star will burn all its internal ‘fuel’ and transform itself into a red giant until it reaches other stages and eventually transforms into a white dwarf.

The Sun will cease to be the main star of our Solar System, just as it appeared on a beautiful day filled with cosmic dust; when that happens, humanity will probably no longer be around. But, Many people wonder if the Sun could turn into something similar to a black hole.

The answer is simpler than it seems.: no, our sun will not turn into a black hole in a few million years. After helium finishes its combustion and becomes a red giant, it will enter the white dwarf process and cool down over time to turn into a black dwarf. This will end the Sun’s life cycle, and if humanity was still there at that time, we won’t be around after this process begins.

“It’s simple: The sun isn’t heavy enough to turn into a black hole. Black hole expert Xavier Calmete, professor of physics at the University of Sussex, said that stars with initial masses greater than about 20 to 25 times the mass of the Sun have the potential to undergo the gravitational collapse necessary to form black holes. In the UK, in a message posted to the Live Science website.

sun and black hole

The ‘death’ of the Sun will begin when the star runs out of hydrogen and thus begins to use helium as fuel. It is even possible for the star to swallow other planets, including Earth, in the process. But, The sun will not enter the stage of iron fusion, which is considered one of the necessary steps for a massive cosmic object to turn into a black hole.

Moreover, the scientists explain: The most common black holes are three to ten times heavier and 100 times more massive than the Sun. In other words, the Sun is not big enough. – and even if the star turns into a black hole, humanity will likely no longer be here to observe this event.

“For the Sun to end its life as a black hole, it would have to be about 20 times larger. Stars born this size or larger can explode as supernovae at the end of their lives and then turn back into a black hole, whose gravitational pull is so strong that no It’s an object so powerful that nothing, even light, can escape… The Sun Neither is big enough for that fate: It only has one-tenth the mass needed to eventually become a neutron star,” NASA explains in an official statement.

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