In English it’s called frit group. What does fried group mean? But they seem rather black spots. Or squares. Although there are also cases when black stripe with empty dots. You may have seen this or something similar on the top of your car’s windshield. Or any car with a front window. Anyone can ask the question: what function do they perform? Or is it purely aesthetic?

Black spots on the windshield are made using baked ceramic paint. It cannot be removed no matter how hard you try. And you shouldn’t, as it serves several functions related to the design, safety, and aesthetics of your vehicle. There is nothing there. For this reason, you will find them on almost every windshield. With different designs, but always In the same place.

We find its origin in the 50s last century. And this is due to connecting the windshield to the frame itself car that holds the window. At one time, different types of glue were used to fix both elements. The same thing happened with the chrome frames. The result can be very diverse. But there was always something in common: fried strip or eels. Let’s look at its usefulness.

Aesthetic and functional blackheads

As I already said, the black dots or black streak that we see on the windshields of vehicles have first aesthetic function: so that the glue that holds the connection between the glass or hole of the car and the body frame is not visible. Therefore, each manufacturer has some different designs or figures, as we saw at the beginning of this article. And it more than fulfills this function. If it’s already difficult to look at the stripe of black dots itself, then we won’t even look at what’s underneath it.

At the same time, this black stripe has second function more seriously: protect the adhesive, usually made from polyurethane, from Sun rays. So that the connection between the windshield and the body lasts longer. It must be taken into account that the windshield is one of the most important elements of a vehicle. As the name suggests, it makes it easier the driver can see what is in front of him, despite adverse weather conditions. Additionally, today’s windshields are made to be stronger. In the same time insulate the car interior. According to acoustic, thermal and ultra-violet rays. And most importantly, they are part of the car’s design. The stronger it is, the safer it is in case of an accident.

Stripe of dots for better visibility

If we look at the patterns that black spots follow on the windshield and rear windows, they will usually change from larger to smaller as we look towards the center of the glass. This pattern has a reason to exist. driver’s vision health. Glasses help fight optical distortion occurring in windows or glass of vehicles when there is a difference in lighting and temperature from inside to outside and vice versa. In English it is known as lensing. And as a result straight lines appear curved or arched.

Could a completely black bar be the solution? Not really. The dot matrix is ​​a neat solution to avoid the distortion effect: allowing smoother transition from black to transparent, they disperse light and heat more evenly across the screen. A transition as abrupt as a full black bar will not be the same since the distortion will still remain.

Source: Hiper Textual

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