Be quiet! announced the successor to the popular Silent Wings 3 fans. The German manufacturer spent nearly five years developing the Silent Wings 4, which should outperform its predecessor at the same noise level. In addition to the various regular variants, there will also be a pro version that offers different spin speeds and higher top speed thanks to a built-in switch.

Different Silent Wings Pro 4 and Silent Wings 4 fans at a glance.

Silent Wings 4 uses new fan blades that are very close to the frame and therefore should perform better when placed on heat sinks or radiators. Both the 120mm and 140mm models have a higher top speed than their predecessors, while claiming the same lifespan of 300,000 operating hours.

Be quiet in addition to the regular Silent Wings 4! a pwm version that increases max speed by at least 50%, and a pwm high speed variant. The manufacturer produces a total of six different skus, offering both 120 and 140 millimeters.

Silent Wings 4 max. speed sound production air flow constant pressure
120mm 1,600 rpm 18.9dBA 48.7 cfm 1.79mm H2O
120mm PWM
120mm PWM high speed 2500rpm 31.2dBA 76.7 cm/cm 3.96mm H2O
140mm 1,100 rpm 13.6dBA 51.3 cm/cm 0.92mm H2O
140mm PWM
140mm PWM high speed 1,900 rpm 29.3dBA 78.4 cm/cm 2.36mm H2O

Product segmentation in Silent Wings Pro 4 is pretty simple: the 120mm and 140mm models both have a switch to switch between three different profiles. In this way, the user can select the desired rotation speed and corresponding sound reproduction. Another distinguishing feature is the angular framework; this means the Pro should perform better with radiators. In the case of the 120mm variant, the company claims a maximum static pressure of up to 5.31mm H2O.

Silent Wings 4 Pro 120mm PWM 140mm PWM
speed (medium) 1,600 rpm 1,100 rpm
Speed ​​(high speed) 2500rpm 1,900 rpm
Speed ​​(ultra high speed) 3,000 rpm 2,400 rpm
Sound production (max) 36.9dBA 36.8dBA
Airflow (max) 83.9 cm3 97.41 cfm
Static pressure (max) 5.31mm H2O 3.64mm H2O

All variants come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and will be available from 19 July. The company has announced the following suggested retail prices:

  • Silent Wings 4 120 / PWM / PWM high speed: 23.90 Euro
  • Silent Wings 4 140 / PWM / PWM high speed: 24.90 Euro
  • Silent Wings Pro 4 120mm PWM: 31.90 Euros
  • Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm PWM: 32.90 Euros

Source: be quiet!

Source: Hardware Info

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