Sharkoon has expanded its range of vertical graphics installation kits with the release of Vertical Graphics Kit 4.0, Angle Graphics Kit 4.0 and Compact VGCK 4.0. All three kits are functionally similar to previous models, but now have the PCIe 4.0 standard. They’re also specifically designed for the latest generation of video cards and motherboards, and come with screws and riser cables, according to Sharkoon.

In order of appearance: Vertical Graphics Kit 4.0, Angled Graphics Kit 4.0, and Compact VGCK 4.0

Graphics card kits allow vertical installation of graphics cards in compatible PC cases, which should improve the presentation of the backlit elements of the cards. For example, Vertical Graphics Kit 4.0 is compatible with Elite Shark CA200, Elite Shark CA300, and TG7M rgb chassis, while Angle Graphics Kit 4.0 fits the specific configuration of the Rev300 chassis. Compact VGCK 4.0 is suitable for micro ATX enclosures of the MS-Y and MS-Z series. More PC cases should be added to this range in the future.

The Vertical Graphics Card Kit 4.0 and Compact VGCK 4.0 are now available at a suggested retail price of 49.90 EUR, while the Angled Graphics Card Kit 4.0 should be priced at 47.90 EUR.

Source: Shark

Source: Hardware Info

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