Araceli Hidalgothe first woman to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Spain has completed 100 years. No doubt this is a good way to show anti-vaxxers that they are wrong in their claims that vaccinating the population will condemn them to an early death. The woman completed her first century in good health. In fact, as she told reporters, she feels like she’s 20. Not only does it make us happy for her, but it also begs the question: Could Araceli’s birthday serve to change some people’s minds? anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists?

This question is difficult to answer. However, this coincides with the publication of a study that accurately analyzes whether conspiracy theorists, like anti-vaxxers, they may change their minds over time.

Research on this topic is needed to help whistleblowers decide where to invest their efforts. If someone is not going to change their mind, there is no point in insisting. For those who are still undecided, it is worth showing evidence and scientific evidence. The role played checkersas well as many science communicators, during the pandemic this was important. But it is clear that there are people who have not been convinced and will not be convinced in the future. Araceli’s birthday could be a coup. But how useful will it be?

Ten different conspiracies

To conduct this study, the authors recruited participants from several Australian and New Zealand research centers. 498 peoplepreviously registered on a site that recruits people to conduct paid research.

All of them were surveyed monthly, between March and September 2021, about 10 conspiracy theories, including alleged high-profile cases such as the use of chips in COVID-19 vaccines or pharmaceutical companies colluding to keep it under wraps. A cure for cancer. It also talked about, for example, the origins of 9/11 or the harmful effects of 5G telecommunications.

The most widely accepted theory was that drug companies conspired to keep a cure for cancer from being shown. 18% of respondents They believed in this conspiracy. On the other hand, although it may sometimes seem much more common on social media, the theory with the least followers was the chip theory in COVID-19 vaccines. At the beginning of the investigation, only 2% supported him. However, it should be noted that this is not the only excuse against vaccinations. There are many who are against the introduction of vaccines, but they do not believe in it. chip installed with them, so it doesn’t mean that all participants were in favor of wearing it.

Evolution of the conspiracy

The authors of this study were interested in how each conspiracy developed. Participants did not receive any indoctrination for or against their beliefs. They lived their normal daily lives, same incentives this led them to these conclusions, and also may have exposed them to information campaigns to deny the conspiracy.

Thus, it was found that the vast majority of beliefs persisted for months. The authors feared that conspiracies would become stronger over time, but this did not happen. It is true that some people have added a new plot over the months, but the vast majority have remained stable. Their beliefs were the same at the beginning of the study as they were at the end. Moreover, as reported in Talk These scientists, although they only followed them for 6 months, their results are consistent with other longer studies.

Araceli Hidalgo, the first woman vaccinated in Spain.

Araceli against anti-vaxxers

But the good thing is that there was also a small percentage of people who stopped believing in the conspiracy and stopped doing it. They were a minority, but they mean we must not lose hope. Maybe, 100 years of Araceli, as well as the advocacy efforts of many people, are helping to change the minds of some anti-vaxxers. They won’t be the majority, but one person joining the vaccination effort can help save many lives.

It all started with Araceli, so she also deserves the gratitude of many people who saw this charming old lady as a role model. Therefore, all we can do is congratulate you on your 100th anniversary and say thank you very much for everything.

Source: Hiper Textual

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