Intel Raptor Lake can go up to 6GHz

Intel has released an update for its Extreme Tuning Utility that includes some new overclocking features. Efficient TVB makes it possible to set Thermal Rate Boost per core and package. Twitter user Raichu He claimed that the 6GHz frequency can be achieved in one of the new processors that may be released as a special edition.

He also mentioned that the E in ETVB means Enhanced, not Efficient. It’s not entirely clear whether these are two different technologies. Results are of course dependent on power budget and available cooling. It wouldn’t be the first time Intel has released such a product. Thanks to 1 or 2 core TVB, the 12900KS had a standard boost frequency of 5.5 gigahertz.

It has been rumored for a while that Intel’s next-generation desktop processors, Raptor Lake, will have significantly higher clock speeds. The resulting performance gains should secure the blue camp’s top spot against AMD’s 3D V-Cache models.

Other additions mentioned are an enhanced hybrid architecture with an upgrade to 24 cores and 32 threads. The new Digital Linear Voltage Regulator should improve the power supply to allow further overclocking. This, of course, can also be used at the factory to provide much higher clock speeds.

Source: VideoCardz

Source: Hardware Info

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