SpaceX, the space company founded and run by Elon Musk, successfully completed the fourth test launch of the starshipthe spacecraft connected with the giant Super Heavy rocket, which landed in the Indian Ocean for the first time as planned.

The fourth takeoff test was scheduled for June 5, the company announced several weeks ago. However, SpaceX did not receive the necessary regulatory approval for these tests until several hours ago, causing a delay of one day.

Despite this, the test, which could be followed via the SpaceX YouTube channel, was a complete success. The purpose of this was cause the ship and rocket to successfully return to Earth after takeoff.

The Super Heavy rocket that will dock with the Starship fired its 33 Raptor engines normally. successfully separated from the base after the first stage of launchapproximately three minutes after takeoff.

We repeat that this was the first time a superheavy landed correctly after being separated from a starship. The rocket fell in the Pacific Gulf of Mexico. And this became possible, partly thanks to modifications that SpaceX made to the rocket itself; in particular in filter systems and internal structures. This made it possible to increase the efficiency of maneuver when turning.

Waiting for the starship to return to earth correctly


The starship, however currently located in space towards the Indian Ocean. It now remains to be seen whether the SpaceX spacecraft will survive re-entry; something that did not happen on the last test launch, when the starship completely disintegrated.

To avoid this mistake, the company has improved Starship by adding new roll control thrusterswhich are added to those already available in previous versions, in order to allow the ship to re-enter the atmosphere in a horizontal position, which will allow hot air to concentrate in the heat shield.

This one, by the way, too has been modified to better withstand heat. SpaceX also improved and added other elements to the vehicle, such as a new separator between the booster and launcher to ensure both stages are removed correctly on the second flight.

Source: Hiper Textual

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