The new technology of the DNA shakes the souls of family trees of plants and animals. If the man was previously related to bats, he is now considered to be related to rodents. In Darwin’s time, scientists could only learn about the vital evolutionary tree by observing the structure and appearance of animals and plants. Each species is grouped by similarities developed together.

Three decades ago, scientists used DNA data to build molecular trees. The last have
demonstrated that such similar traits evolved independently in different branches of the tree
about i mammals Darwin noticed a curiosity. Animals and plants that seemed to have in common
ancestors were often found closer together.

Evolutionary trees based on appearance or molecules for 48 groups of animals and plants were examined.
Everything was done by crossing position, DNA data and appearance. It was concluded that evolutionary trees
DNA-based precedents stated that different species were associated based on:appearance This test proved that they were much less likely to live close together than other DNA-linked species.

The evolutions species may seem infinite, but that is ultimately not the case. Darwin proved that life
terrestrial was connected to a single evolutionary tree. On the other hand, the anatomist Haeckel was one of the first
to draw evolutionary trees showing how major groups of life forms are connected. His drawings
on the family trees were brilliant and were based on the formation and development of organisms such as

Source: Lega Nerd

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