J219 confirmed cases of monkeypox infected patients in Brazil — there were 106 confirmed cases three days ago. The data was released by the Ministry of Health of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Ministry of Health.

So far, São Paulo is the most infected region in the country and has already registered 158 cases. Rio de Janeiro ranks second on the list and currently accounts for 34 cases of infected patients. Other infections also occurred in Minas Gerais (14), Paraná (3), Rio Grande do Sul (3), Ceará (2), Rio Grande do Norte (2), Goiás (2) and the Federal District (1).

more than 7,000 cases

Monkeypox virus, from the orthopoxvirus family, infects monkeys and other animals, but can also infect humans. Although common in West Africa, the virus has begun to spread in various parts of the world where infections caused by the disease are rare to find.

Last Thursday (7), the World Health Organization (WHO) said that more than 7,000 cases of monkeypox had been confirmed in 60 countries. Currently, around 80% of disease-related cases are being investigated in Europe – in fact, WHO believes there are more cases than ever reported.

The disease is transmitted through direct or indirect contact with blood, skin lesions and bodily fluids from infected animals. With regard to human contact, transmission occurs through secretions, skin lesions and contact with fluids – the WHO says that many of the cases identified are transmitted through sexual intercourse between men.

Source: Tec Mundo

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