Just a few days ago, a Chinese rocket approached the Earth. without any control. Until the last moment it was not known where he would fall; although, fortunately, it was at sea, so there was no damage. Taking this opportunity, the discussion about the return of space debris to our planet was resumed. It’s safest to do controlled re-entries, that’s for sure. But even in these cases, there may be incidents. And if not to the Australian farmers who have just discovered on their farms what seems SpaceX rocket debris.

It is not yet clear if the remains belonged to Elon Musk company. However, this seems likely given that they appeared weeks after the controlled return of some remnants of the Dragon-1 crewthe first commercial mission to carry astronauts to the International Space Station.

The return was to take place in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Australia. However, it was explosion and, behind it, the possible loss of part of the fragments. Metal parts that later appeared on two Australian farms could be a continuation of this story, although No confirmation from SpaceX.

Rocket surrounded by sheep

SpaceX Crew Dragon-1 rocket launched to the International Space Station in November 2020.

Later, part of the rocket remained in orbit until its re-entry to Earth, which passed in a controlled manner for the last time. July 9. But something went wrong. There was an explosion, after which it was impossible to find all of its fragments.

So when the farmers Mick Meiners and Jock Wallace contacted the Australian National University, and everything fell into place. They both talked to the teacher Brad Tuckerwhich in statements IFLScience He admitted that quite often he hears reports of alleged space debris remnants. Ultimately, however, they tend to be much more mundane waste.

The difference this time was that the date coincided with the failed SpaceX rocket landing. For this reason, the professor did not prevent him from going with the farmers to see what they found.

When he got there, everything became clear. The metal parts were Burns which are quite consistent with those that remain after the return of objects to the Earth’s atmosphere. In addition, they had serial numbers, which the University was responsible for sending to the Australian Space Agency, from where they were sent to the US Federal Aviation Administration, and from there to SpaceX. However, at the moment, Elon Musk’s company has not given any answer.

Now two things can happen. Let SpaceX take charge waste and bear the economic costs of collecting and returning it to the United States, or that he is not responsible and, therefore, be the farmers themselves who have to clear the area. They can hold an American company liable. However, they have already received some juicy offers for parts if they are not in demand, so the cost is more than acceptable to them.

SpaceX’s involuntary obsession with farms

SpaceX is one of the companies producing the largest amount of space debris. Perhaps that is why the media forced them to try at all costs to avoid the damage that this debris could cause to re-enter the Earth.

For years they rehearsed as controlled landings like dismantling missiles, sometimes with better results than others. Sometimes incidents like the one in Australia can happen. But the most curious thing is that this is not the first time they have been on farms.

Already in 2021, the fall of the remains of a Falcon 9 on a farm in Washington was reported. In this case, the space company answered questions from the county sheriff, admitting that it was a fragment of one of their rockets, and made sure it was removed.

We’ll have to wait to see if they take over again this time or, conversely, don’t believe the remains that landed on this farm are theirs. What is clear to Tucker is that this is not a sign of malpractice on the part of SpaceX. Rather, he sees this as an effect of great increase in releases and re-entries they have in recent years. The more missiles, the more chances that your fragments will end up where they should not. Like a sheep farm in Australia.

Source: Hiper Textual

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